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The Brightness of Orchids / Suzanne Vick

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This Fine Line / The Light Hearts

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The Brightness of Orchids - Suzanne Vick
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Jane - The Light Hearts
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Immortal Sin - Demkovic
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Glorious - Suzanne Vick
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Crazy Times - The Light Hearts
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Below - Demkovic
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Soul's Affliction - Suzanne Vick
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Atlantic - The Light Hearts
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Breathe - Demkovic
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SUZANNE VICK - “The Brightness Of Orchids”


Suzanne Vick really knows how to sing.  Possessing a strong vocal range and an authentic, soulful sound, Vick’s debut CD "The Brightness of Orchids" incorporates elements of rock, soul, jazz, and funk rolled out in classic fashion.  The 13-track, aptly titled effort is a well-produced blend of musical styles.  The mood is bright and upbeat throughout.


On very first listen, it is evident that the elements of quality guitar work deliver just the right amount of raw edge to keep Vick’s work a step ahead of others chasing the pop charts.... A careful listen to Suzanne Vick’s vocal work reveals traces of Janis Joplin, Annie Lenox, and Carole King. Yet the traces of other musical elements are what keep things original. An example is the opening title track, featuring husband Ed Vick’s sharp guitar rhythms and a country-rock flavor reminiscent of Reba McEntire. Vick also demonstrates the ability to handle soft and gentle folk arrangements (listen to “India Blue” and “Freight Train”) as well as step things up a notch on tracks like “The War”, delivering a powerful and bluesy effort.     

“The Brightness of Orchids" is a solid debut effort from an already seasoned musician. There’s a place for a singer/songwriter of Suzanne Vick’s caliber on the radio today, and this work certainly serves to move her in the right direction.   **** (Highly Recommended)


- Don Sikorski, SoundWaves Magazine, March, 2010


New Haven Advocate - Grand Band Slam 2011

Best Singer/Songwriter: Suzanne Vick

There are a lot of singing songwriters out there, but not many around here can match Suzanne Vick in the singing part. A strong and versatile vocalist (and voice teacher by day), she's performed in rock, pop, funk and folk groups, racking up years of professional musicianship before finally recording her pop-rock solo debut in 2009. She released a new single, "Sweet Thing," earlier this year, and recently she dropped dance remixes of an older song — another testament to her versatility.

-Brian LaRue, New Haven Advocate, August, 2011



BLOG — Vocalist and Shelton native Suzanne Vick, and writer/producer Richard Demko, a Seymour resident formerly of Monroe, have secured a record deal with West Haven indie label, HMG Recordings. Demkovic, as the duo is called, is slated to release its debut album, “Breathe,” sometime this fall.

Ms. Vick and Mr. Demko started working together in 2007 when they played in the local funk/jam band, Electric Mayhem. The two eventually left the group due to what Mr. Demko describes as “life,” but he always knew that he would eventually find himself working with Ms. Vick again.

After a few years of musical hiatus, Mr. Demko began writing again and could think of no one other than Ms. Vick to bring his latest batch of songs to life. When asked to describe the band’s musical style, he said it is “very deep, emotional, operatic rock with elements of heavy guitars, big drums, deep bass and flowing, dynamic, layered vocals.”

“This project is a creative dream come true for me,” said Ms. Vick. “I’m a classically-trained vocalist, but don’t usually get the opportunity to utilize that training or my four-octave range. Rick’s writing and production push me to expand past what I think I can do vocally and the results are amazing and very satisfying.”

Those seeking information about their album release, as well as tour dates and other information, may visit Demkovic on social media or at


The Valley Voice, September 26, 2016 ​​​​

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